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Outlook: How to delay all outgoing email

I’ve been burnt many times on sending out an email that wasn’t quite ready to go out. This could happen for a couple different reasons.

  • I was really pissed off when I composed the email and wasn’t thinking properly about it.
  • I copied and pasted something and outlook on all machines I’ve used randomly will send before I’m finished.
  • I wasn’t ready to send the email or I didn’t think hard enough about the question I was going to ask.

I’m sure I’m not the only person that has typed out an email in a fit of rage, cursing the entire time and hit alt-S with two powerful finger punches you felt invincible, only to quickly realize that “email” could end up in your personal file, require some anger management classes for you, or you look like a complete dumbass because you’re wrong and the person you were going after is right.

I would think random sends would only be me, except this has happened on every machine I’ve every used. Also I’ve been on the receiving end of some not-quite-ready-for-consumption emails. It might be some combination of keyboard shortcuts I use to paste as special. Also my alt key will get stuck on my work machine. I think the person that had this machine before me was an avid gamer and lived on control keys. So when I hit ‘S’, the email will send…followed by a stream of profanity.

The final situation where this has been a face saver for me is when I’m typing out a quick question I’m sending to a mailing list or answering an existing email thread. Since it is a quick statement I go straight to the alt-s so I can get on with other work. Sometimes after hitting alt-s, while the sentence is still burned into my retina, I either realize I already know the answer, or the answer I’ve put out is wrong and I don’t want to look the fool. I don’t mind looking the fool, not at all, but looking the fool when I tried to look the hero is pretty humbling.

Download: Outlook Outgoing Delay

Source:? Bill Robertson’s Blog

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