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Orange County Choppers Gets New Audio System

Mr. Paul Teutul Sr., his home, and New audio system. I’m a big fan of the show, so I assume you have stepped at least once onto the “American Choppers” reality show on TLCDiscovery Channel, or TV.com. It’s all about a Teutul’s family and their customized motorbikes business, that’s run by the family. Paul Teutul Sr. is both the head of the business and the “head of the family”, often grunting at his two sons Paul Teutul Jr. and Mickey working with him, alongwith a team of other office members.

The sons, especially Mickey do all the nasty things, and the Paul Teutul Sr, keep yelling at them. The show gives you the feeling, as if you, yourself’re present there on the set.

No matter how tough or severe Mr. Teutul Sr. might look along a day full of work and crap at the shop, (non-working) evenings and nights are destined for the intimacy of his new home and to music: yes, Paul Teutul Sr. is a music lover and more, an audio gear lover.

As he built the new house he lives in he wanted a security system to ensure his peace of mind; but when the guy from the security company finally showed up, Mr. Teutul realized he actually wanted security AND a whole house audio system. And since  the security company said they could comply with the requests things went in a straight line.

Now, the new Teutul post and beam residence benefits from audio placed in for every place, be that kitchen, bedroom, living room, office or bath. Even Teutul himself says he’s more OK with motorcycles than with the Hi-Fi tech, he is definitely going to enjoy every bit of what’s inside his new house now. From the casual routine of coming home and lie down on a couch to watch TV, things have evolved quite a bit: satellite radio is received by means of hi-tech Polk XM satellite radio receiver connected to a ReQuest harddrive media server.

All the audio equipment in the new Teutul Residence is connected to a piece of extreme digital engineering: the Netstreams DigiLinx distribution system which ensures audio runs OK in every corner of the house; corners to which it delivers signal by high-speed category 5e networking cable.

This modern IP audio system eliminates the need to roll out kilometers of wires throughout the house: it sends digital info via one single cable to the Netstream SpeakerLinx systems in the house and it is there were signal is amplified and sent by usual speaker wire to the corresponding Polk drivers (for in-house wall and ceiling) or the Niles speakers used to cover the outside area – the surrounding porch.

Fujitsu plasma screens have been walled in the family room and in the bar in the backyard; the bar hasn’t been left forgotten as it also has a Polk XM satellite radio receiver, Integra AVR and DVD unit.

According to Anthony McGregor of AJM Security cited by Steven Castle (Electronic House), Mr. Teutul Sr. isn’t that hard to work for in the real life as it looks like in the show. At the same time, Paul Teutul Sr. thinks about his new audio system: “I am happy about my investment in these systems […] they are great investments, and they allow me to have hours of enjoyment.”

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