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Opera lost in releases?

Let me first accept that I’m a hard core Opera fan. I’ve been using Opera as the main browser since 1999 and had purchased personal usage license, before it was made free. I’m continously participating in beta and alpha versions of Opera 9.5x series, but now I’ve started losing faith in Opera’s credibility, because if you cann’t fix simple bugs in past 15+ releases, whatelse, one can expect?

I’ve been reporting bugs to Opera alongwith comments on Opera team blog right from the first 9.5x release, but till date the bugs remain as is, despite new releases every passing week.

Here’re few bugs lasting from first 9.5x release and reported to Opera:

  1. Files extension are still not recognized, while downloading —”zip, rar, exe etc.”
  2. SQL database files (.sql) are still not recognized.
  3. Gmail version 2 doesn’t work — “either it doesn’t open, takes forever to load, read an email, close and reload, email is back unreaded”.
  4. Shockwave flash player plugin crashed message pop-up every now and then.
  5. Profile folder is created outside opera installation folder.
  6. “Notes” are automatically sorted alphabatically.
  7. Images appear in “transfers”.

Note: Ther’re many more bugs, in addition to above listed, I hope Opera team read this post and get the Opera back to its previous state (9.20) of performance.

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