Office Web Apps Adds 'Copy & Paste Pic, Floatting toolbar, View Comments'

Office Web Apps adds new copy-paste pictures from the web, floating toolbar, text formatting, edit and copy slides, view comments, and enhanced touch capabilities.

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Office Web Apps has recently introduced four important updates to quickly edit documents in the browser and doesn't have to be sign in, to try out the features.

The update are now now available on SkyDrive and includes:

Copy and paste pictures from the web - Users are now able to copy and paste pictures from the web directly into an Office document. "Just copy the image you want from a website, and then pressing "CTRL+V" inside the document, and voilà - the image is inserted into your document."

This feature works in Word Web App, PowerPoint Web App and OneNote Web App.

Floating formatting toolbar that follows the mouse cursor, so whenever you select a word or a phrase (in Word and OneNote Web Apps), you'll be presented with a toolbar with formatting commands letting you perform a number of actions more quickly and easily.

In PowerPoint Web App, this floating toolbar appears when you right-click a shape. And, in OneNote Web App, the toolbar includes commands for marking to-do items and tagging notes as well.

Office Web Apps: floating format toolbar

Format text in shapes in PowerPoint Web App - Though, the app already has ability to insert and edit shapes, now, the update lets you format the text within the shapes by just "click Edit in Browser and start formatting."

Editing slide layouts in PowerPoint Web App --Just change the layout of a slide by right-clicking and picking a different layout.

Additionally, users can also copy slide contents to another slide in PowerPoint Web App.

Office Web Apps: Slide layout editing in PowerPoint Web app

View comments in Excel Web App - Excel Web App now opens workbooks that contain comments. Though, Office Web Apps already has the ability to view and edit comments in Word and PowerPoint Web Apps. But, you still cannot create or edit comments within Excel Web App.

Additionally, the workbooks now open faster too, making the web app snappier.

Office Web Apps: View comments in Excel Web app

Finally, the Excel Web App now offer enhanced touch capabilities--"those using a touch device, can now move and resize charts, and can also select multiple cells by tapping a cell and then dragging a selection handle," informs Microsoft.