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Office 365 home page gets its first big update, improving access and speeding delivery of innovative features.

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The home page, which Office 365 users visit to collaborate and work across devices – began rolling out an update through early 2017, that will greatly increase the ease of navigating apps and improve access to frequent and recently opened documents.

The update include improved access to recent files and folders and a new platform for faster delivery of innovative features.

These changes improved access to unfinished documents now shows additional controls within the "Recent documents" list to help users filter document type across Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote., now stay in sync across Outlook on all devices and let you create, view and complete tasks directly from the home page. Additionally, you can add more details to a task by a double tap to open in Outlook Tasks.

You can now also see what's coming up at a glance of the day's meetings as well as quickly respond to or join Skype for Business calls with one click.

And, enhanced people pictures help build stronger connections with coworkers and also help you keep track of your different teams and projects.

New Homepgae

New Outlook At a Glance View

Office 365 Recent documents List

New Outlook Tasks

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