Now You Can Personalize PivotTable Layout in Excel 2016

All new PivotTables you insert will have your favorite layout! Plus disabling Subtotals and Grand Totals can lead to faster OLAP PivotTables.

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A new Excel feature as part of the May release providing an ability to enable users to personalize the default layout for PivotTables.

This feature available as part of an Office 365 subscription for Excel 2016 on Windows, and enable you quickly start your favorite PivoTable layout when you're building complex reports or performing one-off analyses.

To personalize PivotTable layout setting for the deaults, you can either simply click the newly added "Edit Default Layout" button located under the "File menu" to display the Edition Default Layout dialog and make changes to any of your favorite layout options. All the settings in the "Layout" chunk of the PivotTable Design contextual ribbon as well as the PivotTable Options dialog are included.

Or, secondly, from you workbook import a layout and customize it by simply open up the Edit Default Layout dialog, then click anywhere within a PivotTable in workbook and then click Import button.

Personalize PivotTable layout
Personalize PivotTable layout

Along with, also included a tip when using OLAP connections to make PivotTables much faster. Disabling Subtotals and Grand Totals will help taking advantage of performance improvements delivered in a previous update to Excel 2016.

In Edit Default Layout dialog, simply set Subtotals option to Do Not Show Subtotals and set Grand Totals option to Off for Rows and Columns.

Tip for Faster OLAP PivotTables
Tip for Faster OLAP PivotTables

This tip can work alongside changes to all the other options in the Edit Default Layout dialog.

To learn more about how you can use this new feature, visit our support page.

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