Now See Google Analytics Data in Data Studio Using Data Control

With Google Analytics Data Control, you can now go to a report with Data Control, authenticate, and select any GA view you have access to; you then see data for that view in a report.

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Google Data Studio Data Control Overview Report

A new Data Studio Data Control launched today, make it easier to view Google Analytics data in Data Studio. Now, when a report is created using the new Data Control, every user will be able to see their own data in the curated report, without creating anything.

The Data control is added to Overview Report and Ecommerce Template to test out with your data. It's best suited to agency or large organization who have access to many Google Analytics views, but don't want to create a Data Studio report for each view.

"Are a large organization with many websites across: different brands, different regions, or different business units, and want to unify reporting and KPIs across your entire organization. Now you can build a template report in Data Studio, add the Data Control, and share the report across your organization," wrties Google .

For example, "if you have a set of charts and data you monitor every day, you can now build a report in Data Studio with those charts and data, add the Data Control, and quickly go between any of the views you have access to, allowing you to monitor your entire business very fast," google explained.

The data control is public for all users.

Google Data Studio Data Control Ecommerce Template
Data Control Ecommerce Template

For more details on how to use it, read the Help Center, and also check out these quick video to see this feature in action: