Now Add Animation, Interactivity to Art with Tilt Brush Toolkit

An easy way to add animation, interactivity, or sequencing to your art, with the Tilt Brush Toolkit, an open source library.

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Tilt Brush, creators tool that lets you make art in virtual reality like "film sketches, 2D snapshots", and allow you to export them as 3D objects. However, until now, there wan't an easy way to add animation, interactivity, or sequencing to an art—today, Google introducing "Tilt Brush Toolkit", for bringing Tilt Brush art to other creative projects.

This toolkit, an open source library includes Python scripts and a Unity SDK, and everything else needed to make movies, interactive stories, video games, music videos, or other projects using assets created in Tilt Brush.

"We're sharing all of our brush shaders, our audio reactive code, a streamlined Unity import pipeline, file format conversion utilities, and several great examples so hobbyists and professionals can showcase their Tilt Brush art in new places, on new platforms, and in new ways," writes Google. So "the next generation of artists can create narrative, interactive, and immersive content using Tilt Brush sketches." added Google.

Tilt Brush Toolkit: Dungeon

Tilt Brush Toolkit: Dungeon.

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