New Tappable Shortcuts in Google Search Bring Information at Fingertips

Google is rolling out new shortcuts to offer quick answers on weather, sports & entertainment info on search app and mobile site.

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Starting Tuesday, Google is introducing in the U.S. new "tappable shortcuts" on the Google app for Android and iOS and on on the mobile web making it easier to get the information quickly and easily as a single tap.

The shortcuts on the home screen gives access to great tools and the ability to explore deeper within topics across sports, food & entertainment and weather.

You'll see new shortcuts appear for big moments and events moving forward.

Google says, Android platform additionally gets dozens of other useful shortcuts too including—translate, nearby attractions, flights, hotels, internet speed test, currency converter, and more.

Plus, shortcuts like tic-tac-toe, roll a die, animal sounds, solitaire, and always a Google favorite: I'm feeling curious are also available to Android users.

Google Search Shortcuts on Android, iOS and mobile web

"The Google search box is great when you're looking for a specific answer, but there are also moments when you just want to catch up on the latest for topics of interest," writes Google search team. "Now with a tap on the shortcut, you can see what's playing this weekend at a local theater or what to watch on TV" for example.

To find the most timely and recently used shortcuts, make sure your Google app is updated to the latest version and then look for your shortcuts right underneath the search box.

For more information on how these shortcuts work, see the video below: