New Smarter More Beautiful Google Play Newsstand Now Available as a Web App

Google Play Newsstand evolve just got better and video is more visible and integral, aligning with AMP. It also offers ever better user experiences and more monetisation opportunities for publishers.

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A completely redesigned Google Play Newsstand, which focuses on personalization, rich media, and the web is out today bringing the story and topic in a more engaging, beautiful presentation.

The news service since its launch in 2013, today serving more than 100 million users every month as a single destination on phone, tablet or desktop to follow the stories and topics of the world's leading news sources and magazines.

As usual, this too has now been powered by machine learning in order to find and recommend the most timely, relevant stories based on individual interests. Now, when the app is open, a personalized briefing of a blend of top stories including major headlines, local news, and personal interests are displayed.

Below the briefing, a stream of stories from your favorite topics and sources are shown up with each of these recommendation includes a justification and an option for providing feedback.

Multimedia content now support AMP and as you scroll through the feed, "autoplay videos, easy podcast controls, and high-resolution, full-bleed images" comes up.

And our Data Saver mode allows you to enjoy it in a way that is aware of data and bandwidth preferences.

No matter which platform or device you use, the new Newsstand 4.0 is now available anywhere you want it, including the web in addition to Android and iOS.

Google Play Newsstand Web app

Google Play Newsstand Web App

Google Play Newsstand 4.0 Rich images and videos

Google Play Newsstand 4.0 Rich images and videos.

Google Play Newsstand 4.0 personalized news and magazine reader

Google Play Newsstand 4.0 more Prsonalized News and Magazine Reader

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