New Performance Insights for Click-to-Message Google AdWords Ads

Message reporting delivers new performance insights for click-to-message ads.

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Click-to-message, a text version of Google's click-to-lcall ads provide advertisers an easier way to engage with consumers as searchers can message back and forth with them since 2016, today getting a new set of performance insights helping businesses to analyze and improve the performance of their click-to-message ads. Unlike automated chat bots, click-to-message ads put users in touch with a real person on the other end. Google AdWords will soon roll out new ‘message reporting’ withe the following insights: Below is an example of Google AdWords click-to-message ad:
  • Chat rate - How often searchers start a conversation with a advertiser after seeing their message extension (“Message impressions”).
  • Chat start time - Timestamp indicating when searchers initiate a conversation. This insight help business in scheduling their message extensions.
  • Messages - Total number of messages exchanged between a business and searcher within a single chat. Google notes, this insight help in evaluating campaigns that are driving the longest or most in-depth conversations compared to the average.
Message reporting will be available to advertisers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Brazil and Australia over the next few weeks. Google aso shared a best practices or businesses to drive more valuable customer conversation with messaging, check over  here. And, to learn more about insights available with message reporting, and how you can use them to optimize click-to-message performance, see this Help Cetner article.

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