New Overview Tab in Bing Ads Offering Quick Review of Campaigns

Overview tab offers viewing options to customize what you see is a great place as it offers bird's eye view on performance.

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Bing Ads Overview tab

The new campaings overview tab in Bing Ads rolls out to all advertisers accounts provides a highl-level view of performance summaries of advertisers account.

The new Overview tab is located under the current Campaigns page. It offers to create meaningful visualizations that summarize the metrics and performance that matters most to you. For example, "you can change your date range or apply period-over-period comparisons, and you can also add custom filters."

See the new Overview tab in the picture above. Here, in this screenshot, you can see filters creation:

Filters in Overview tab in Bing Ads

In addition, a new tips tile available today, highlights a set of features that are either new releases, or others that you mayn't have tried out yet.

Along with tips tiles, also, availalbe now on the Overview tab, is the new campaigns tile that shows performance metrics for each campaign, while the devices tile offer a summary of performance per device.

The Overview tab can be customize either by adding or removing tiles by clicking "Add tiles" button and by selecting or unselecting tiles. You can customize each tile be either a small or large size. Another way is clicking and dragging the top of any tile to move it into a different part of Overview tab.

Tiles can be hide as well by clicking on ellipse at the top right of a tile, and selecting "Hide tile" option.

Aside, the Overview tab more or less resembles the overview pages in the new AdWords UI.

The Overview tab will be rolling out globally to all customers in the Bing Ads UI over the next couple weeks.

This screenshot shows resizing of tiles in Overview tab:

Resize tiles in Overview tab in Bing Ads