New in Bing Search Machine Learning Object Recognition, Spotlight News, More Features

Now using machine learning, Bing automatically recognizes objects and selects them for you, so you don't have to manually draw boxes, displays spotlight of latest top news headlines.

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On Tuesday, Bing Search delivered new, intelligent experiences that further use machine learning (ML) helping to quickly provide enhanced image search for topics like shopping and celebrities, as well as a "one-stop shop" of the latest top news headlines.

The enhanced image search, builds upon Bing Visual Search, which enable searching for images similar to an object you manually selected from another Bing image—today, extends a step further, to "now Bing automatically recognizes objects and selects them for you," so, users can then browse similar-looking results in "Related Products" and "Related Images."

See enhanced image search in action below:

Another visual search experience that recognizes public figures, when you're browsing celebrities or other high-profile individuals pictures, Bing will now show a box on the face, that when clicked will disaply individual's name.

Check out people reognition in the video below:

News updates will get you a one-stop-shop of all latest top news headlines, as well as diverse suggestions for previous trending articles, when you search for certain ongoing news topics—so, you can get a more complete picture of how that topic developed over time.

Bing News Spotlight
Bing News spotlight

Also, helping out to see at a glance the source for a headline and short description—publisher logos now disaplays right on the Bing news results.

This screenshot display publisher logos on bing news resutls:

Publisher logos on Bing news resutls
Publishers logos on Bing news results

Lastly, with NFL kicked off this month, Bing begin to provide weekly predictions, as well as team overviews and league standings. Also, the Emmy Awards with a carousel that highlights nominees and winners for both this and last year's Emmys will be showcased at Bing Search.

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