New Google+ Featured Photos Screensaver for Mac and Android Wallpapers App Released

Google+ Create program releases new 'Featured Photos screensaver for Mac,' and Android Wallpapers app.

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Google+ Create program bring photographs shared every day on Google+ to your computers and phones to be showcased as screensave. The new Featured Photos screensaver for Mac, released today leys you display stunning, high-resolution photography from Google+ whenever your computer is inactive.

Also, those who have an Android device, can use the Wallpapers app to display these photos as background images on your home or lock screen.

The photos are attributed to their photographers so it's easy to find and follow the ones you like on Google+.

If you like taking photos, and want to be considered, you can join the Google+ Create program, or share your photographs 'publicly' to consider them to appear in the gallery. Else just turn this option off in your Google+ settings to opt-out of public sharing.

New Google+ Create Featured Photos Screensaver for Mac

New Google+ Create Featured Photos Screensaver for Mac.

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