New Admin Console is Being Rolled Out to Apps Customers

Google rolls out new Admin console for managing Google Apps, Chrome devices, and other Enterprise products and services. The new console is customizable, easier to use, and has a slick new look!

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Google Apps for Buinesses, Education and Government is introducing a few changes to the Admin console to make it easier for admins to do their jobs.

The changes to the Admin console will be rolling out to existing customers over the next few weeks.

Apps administrator (or a team of admins) is responsible for tasks like creating new accounts, managing mobile devices, and specifying exactly which products and features their employees can use.

  • "Accomplish tasks faster: Navigating to the right setting should be fast, and with new logical groupings admins can find settings like delegated administration right under the Admin Roles control.
  • Customize the Admin console: Drag and drop the controls you need into the place that makes sense -- and remove the ones you don't need.
  • Get to the Admin console more easily: There is no need to remember a long URL like or search for the "manage domain" link in Gmail. Just type the new URL ( and log in directly to the Admin console," explains google.

New Google Apps Admin console

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