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Chromebooks take Chrome and its core values (simplicity, speed and security) and apply them to its own operating system infrastructure. The result is a multi-layered set of defenses which boosts the security of Chromebooks against malicious software that could compromise and linger on the system.Let's take a quick look at some of the Chromebook security […]

Microsoft tech troubleshooter Gov Maharaj and Larry Larsen walkthrough following troubleshooting solutions:[01:10] Handing the 3TB limit on drives in Windows.[06:30] How bad is a forced shutdown for your system. [11:20] How long to wait before turning off hanging shutdown. [13:05] Can someone tell what files were on my USB drive after taking out? [15:15] How […]

The first Chrome OS powered laptops available from manufacturer like Samsung and Acer. However, houses low powered Intel Atom-based processors. This is all going to change, as the future versions of the Chomebooks will be using Intel's higher end Core series of processors.According to report, "Google plans to upgrade the Chromebook design from originally adopting […]

Computex, Taipei, May 31, 2011 - Intel's EVP Sean Maloney said that by the end of 2012, 40% of the consumer laptop market segment will encompass an emerging new breed of no-compromise computers, called "Ultrabook," which'll increasingly combine best-in-class performance, improved responsiveness and security in thin, elegant form factors.Maloney said Intel's making to the Intel […]

Forrester Research's new report deconstructing the "post-PC era" buzzword, since Steve Jobs announced at the iPad 2 launch event that Apple now gets a majority of its revenue from "post-PC devices," including the iPod, iPhone, and iPad--a major milestone for a company that was originally named "Apple Computer."The phrase was also part of the public […]

Microsoft has launched the MSN Bing Switch and Win contest at the end of March 2011.The'll of course need to make their way to the official MSN Bing Switch and Win site in order to sign up.This'll involve running the promotion download, users are required to provide their email address to the software giant. At […]