Name Group Chat when Creating in Google Hangouts On the Web

In the improved flow, you can now name your group chats more easily when you are creating a group chat.

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Last year, an ability to create and share short links to Hangouts group chats, that allows team to opt-in to a chat, rather than having to invite people one by one was launched. Today, an update making it easier to create group chats for projects or teams in Hangouts is rolled out to all three Hangouts user interfaces on the web.

In the streamlined improved flow released today, users can now name group chats more easily when creating it, and that help "you to create "placeholder" group chats which you can then share with a link."

To name a group chat, you can click "New group" or "New conversation" and name the group, then start adding members, or both.

In Hangouts in Gmail, a "+" button will be available next to contacts list in Hangouts. In and in the Chrome extension, you'll see a "New conversation" option.

Streamlined Group Chat Creation in Hangouts

New Converstaion Button in Streamline Group Chat Creation in Hangouts

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