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Mobile Devices Performance Test

There are two excellent reports from well-respected mobile device bloggers out today and both tests focus on performance. Along with the input speed tests, the Hugo meter and the umpc buyers guide these should be on the list of essential reading for anyone new into the UMPC scene.

First up, browser speed testing. Jenn of Pocketables took a clutch of 8 mobile devices and put the browser through speed tests on a number of sites. Not only did she look at UMPCs but she took an iPhone, Mylo,  Pepper Pad 3, Archos and and and… The results are interesting. Take a look at the dedicated sub-UMPC devices and you’ll see that the Pepper Pad 3 really shines. Its the only one that’s running on an X86 platform. (I’ll say no more!) You can see the full set of results and explanation at Pocketables. I will run through a few more of these tests and send the results to Jenn so that she can add to the table. I’ll test the Everun (AMD LX900), Nokia E90 (Ti OMAP 2420), Q1b (VIA C7) and Kohjinsha SH6 (Intel A100.) next week.

Which brings me nicely on to the next test. Frank has taken four mobile x86 processors and put them through a performance test.  I think its a floating point test which is not exactly the VIA C7’s forte but it gives some idea of the relative performance of each CPU. As expected, the….no I won’t give the game away. Pop over to UltraMobilePC-Tips to have a look. Again, I’ll try and contribute to Franks results with the AMD LX900, Intel A100 and Pentium-M at 1.2Ghz results on Tuesday or Wednesday next week although sometimes these results can be misleading. For example, I doubt there’s much floating point mathematics going on in a browser page-rendering engine.

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Source:→ UMPC Portal

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