Mobile Ads Showcase App for Android Let Creative Agencies Showcase Interactive Mobile Ads

Google Mobile Ads Showcase App for Android smartphones and tablets lets demonstrate and discover HTML5 mobile ad formats by interacting with industry-leading examples in the Gallery. This app is primarily for creative and media agencies and engineers/developers that build mobile ads with HTML5. Google Online Marketing Challenge 2013 Professor Registration is now open!

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Google at the annual Creative Sandbox event in New York, unveiled a new Mobile Ads Showcase App, which lets you experience mobile ads exactly as your users will.

As, it is hard for agencies and advertisers to experience the full interactivity of mobile rich media -- mobile video and HTML5 ads -- through static images alone--this "app for Android devices lets you explore what best-in-class advertisers are doing with mobile rich media, and learn about all that's possible with Google Mobile Ads," informs Google.

Additionally, "the app lets you discover and learn possibilities of mobile HTML5 ads by interacting with industry-leading examples in the Gallery. Agencies can use the app as their mobile portfolio by coding, testing and uploading their HTML5 ad examples to the MRAID-compliant "My Ads" screen," Google added.

The app features include:

  • "View updated Gallery with the latest and greatest in mobile ads
  • Upload HTML5 ads and test them inside the MRAID compliant SDK test sandbox
  • Receive push notifications when ad updates are available."

The Mobile Ads Showcase app currenlty available for Android smartphones and tablets through the Google Play Store.

Watch the video below to see how this app works:

For more information, visit the Creative Sandbox site.

Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC 2013) Now Open for Professional Registration

In other digital advertising releated news, Google announced its 6th annual Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC 2013) for students from higher education institutions around the world is now open for professior registration.

"With GOMC student teams develop and run a successful online advertising campaign through Google AdWords for a real business or non-profit organization, using US$250 budget provided by Google."

Google notes that over 50,000 students from almost 100 countries have participated in past years. "Last year's challenge featured over 10,000 students representing over 80 countries, and this year's challenge is expected to boast even more," the company added.

In order for student teams to participate in the competition, "they first need to have a professor register."

Professors can register from today until May 3rd, and the student registration will open February 12th.