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Microsoft’s IPTV reorg and “Fiji”

I’ve been thinking about Microsoft’s quiet reorg, via which the company unified the IPTV, Media Center and HD DVD initiatives into a single organization, known as the Microsoft Connected TV business group.

Just munging these three teams together doesn’t necessarily mean a cohesive set of Microsoft TV products and services will suddenly emerge. As Microsoft Platform Strategy Advisor Harry Mower blogged:

“This is a step in the right direction as long as we also begin to consolidate the underlying platforms and developer technologies. Today, if you want to build a media experiences that spans devices, you are forced to use a hodgepodge of languages, tools and standards. Until we (Microsoft) realize that we need to deliver one unified platform for multimedia development and consumption, these types of changes are not going to matter much to the general consumer or customer.”

As a result of the latest reshuffling, the Media Center team, which (supposedly) has been working on the next out-of-band Media Center release, codenamed “Fiji,” is now part of Robbie Bach’s Entertainment and Devices unit, rather than the Windows client one. So what does this mean, if anything for the development and release of Fiji?

Fiji was expected to be a set of bug fixes for Vista Media Center, plus some new features. One source described Fiji to me as “Media Center + fixes + some (Apple) iLife-compete work.”

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