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Microsoft Windows Vista Facts

It’s always nice to have a few throwaway stats about Windows Vista that you can give to someone when you are combating someone who believes that XP is “good enough” for them.  I’d like to share a few with you over the coming weeks and I’ll start with a new page on www.windowsvista.com that has some interesting stats on Vista that you might not know about.

  • Windows Vista-based PCs resume from sleep in less than 6 seconds.
  • PCs running Windows Vista that are equipped with 512 MB memory experience a performance boost of up to 40% with ReadyBoost technology
  • Windows Vista users generally experience 20 percent fewer application “hangs” than those running Windows XP
  • Superfetch, an ingenious new Windows Vista technology, helps your computer adjust to your schedule, so your apps are ready to go before you even launch them. Use Microsoft Outlook every morning? Superfetch will serve it up just in time for breakfast. Play the same game every night? Superfetch gets your computer ready for the next big win. Waiting less means you can do more. Only on Windows Vista.
  • Based on their first 180 days of availability, Windows Vista has been shown to have fewer vulnerabilities than Windows XP or MacOS X 10.4
  • PCs running it are 60 percent less likely to be infected with viruses, worms, and rootkits than PCs running Windows XP SP2
  • Windows Vista-based PCs are almost three times less likely to be infected with potentially unwanted software than Windows XP-based PCs.
  • Internet Explorer 7 is now blocking nearly 1 million attempts to access these fake sites per week

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Source:→ TechNet Blog

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