Microsoft Surface Complete Warranty Program for Schools and Education

Surface Complete for Education warranty available Sept. 15 for schools, educational institutions in the U.S.

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Surface Complete for Education warranty program for schools and educational institutions that help schools more easily manage and deploy Surface announced on Wednesday Sep 14th.

The robust warranty for both K-12 and higher-education institutions in the U.S. is available starting 09/15, and "expands to Surface markets internationally on Sept. 30," Microsoft stated.

In the U.S., Surface Complete for Education will start at $225 for Surface Pro 4 and $359 for Surface Book.

"Surface Complete for Education is a warranty offering designed to give schools and educational institutions access to accidental damage protection, claims sharing, exclusive end-user device training tailored to education, and onboarding resources," devices team explains.

"School IT departments can pool accidental damage claims up to 100% of devices purchased, independent of which device user requested a new claim," added devices team.

"This means warranties don't have to be tied to a specific device which allows for more than the traditional 2 accidental damage claims (with Complete for Business) to be made on a Surface device." And with accidental damage protection benefit, "schools will be eligible for a replacement, and the process will be seamless and easy incase of an unfortunate spill or drop." Check the 2nd picture below of an example claim.

Pricing will vary in additional markets based on purchase volume. Interested, you can learn more about the about Surface Complete for Education HERE.

Surface Complete for Education Compare Plans Chart

Surface Complete for Education : example claim

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