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Microsoft Software Product With 3,377 Bugs

One Microsoft software product currently has no less than 3,377 bugs and counting. No, it is not Windows XP 
or Windows Vista but it is designed to be intimately connected with both: Windows Home Server. Chris Sullivan, a Program Manager on the Windows Home Server team overseeing support and managing the beta program, revealed that the Windows Home Server has a mild case of Entomophobia (fear of insects). But if 3,477 bugs represent only a mild case, how many does it take for a severe one?

Currently, Windows Home server is infested by no less than 3,477 bugs, all of them submitted by the WHS beta 2 participants. “Not all bugs are bad, when it comes to software development, bugs provide you with insight into what areas of the product need improvement and ultimately help you to build a better product,” Sullivan explained.

In this sense, it is important to differentiate between the errors, flaws, failures or faults in WHS, about 2,385 and the beta participants’ suggestions, some 992 to this date. Microsoft has already addressed a great deal of problems as the team progresses with the development of the second beta of Windows Home Server. “We still have 1235 active bugs, of which 740 are suggestions. Active bugs are bugs that are either under investigation, pending a response from a participant or waiting to be investigated. Suggestions are generally left active, as we do a more thorough review we will resolve and close them,” Sullivan added.

Microsoft has already closed 1,237 bugs and resolved 905. Out of these combined numbers, 274 bugs were by design, 568 were duplicates, 155 external, and 314 were actually fixed. In 444 cases, Microsoft was unable to gather additional information about the bugs, 229 issues have been postponed and 158 won’t be fixed at all.


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