Microsoft Shows How-to Mount 82-inch Multi-touch Perceptive Pixel Display [Videos]

Learn, to wall-mount or stand-mount world's largest projected capacitive, optically bonded multi-touch 82-inch LCD display.

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Microsoft co-founder and former chairman Bill Gates in a Reddit "ask me anything" session recently revealed of using an enormous and expensive Windows 8 touch whiteboard like "Perceptive Pixel" display.

Microsot had acquired Perceptive Pixel back in 2012. Now, to help those plan on purchasing the huge 82-inch display, or an 88-inch, or the less-expensive 55-inch display, Microsoft has published some videos demonstrating how to mount the display on your wall or how to install a stand.

Perceptive at 2011 SIGGRAPH unveiled its 82-inch LCD multi-touch capacitive display, with a remarkably slim 6-inch profile.

"It enables you to communicate, present, comprehend and interpret rich and complex data in an entirely new, hands-on way. Ideal for both presentations and creative, collaborative multi-user environments such as storyboarding and brainstorming sessions, our 82" interactive display provides a high-impact platform with an impressively small footprint," the description of the display reads.

82-inch multi-touch perceptive pixel lcd display

Check out the videos embedded below: