Microsoft Received 35,572 Legal Requests in 1st Half of 2016 from Enforcement Agencies

This reflects a decrease from the 39,083 requests received for the second half of 2015.

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Latest series of biannual transparency reports on Microsoft Transparency Hub covering the period from January to June 2016, show little fluctuation in law enforcement request statistics from previous report which covered the last six months of 2015.

These reports consist of the Law Enforcement Requests Report and the U.S. National Security Orders Report, as well as the Content Removal Requests Report.

In addition latest "Content Removal Requests Report" shows very similar acceptance rates to the previous reporting period, microsoft writes. The report contains requests from 'governments, copyright holders and individuals subject to the European Union's "Right to Be Forgotten" ruling and non-consensual pornography," added microsoft.

According to company, in this period, they've received "a total number of 35,572 legal requests" for customer information from law enforcement agencies in the first half of 2016–-reflecting a decrease from 39,083 requests received for second half of 2015.

And, over 2.5 percent requests resulted in disclosure of content customers created, shared or stored on its services. "Microsoft does not disclose customer content without a court order or warrant," company stated.

Furthermore, the latest data reported for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) include:

  • "received 0-499 FISA orders seeking disclosure of content impacting 17,500-17,999 accounts, up from the 0-499 FISA orders seeking disclosure of content impacting 15,500-15,999 accounts reported for the previous period.
  • received 0-499 National Security Letters in latest reporting period, same as the previous period," noted microsoft.

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