Microsoft Private Cloud and System Center 2012 Overview [Videos]

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Microsoft shared a number of new videos About to help learn how using technologies and products from Microsoft can help your business build, deploy, and maintain a private cloud.

"We will discuss Microsoft's approach to the private cloud, and provide an overview of the key components that are a part of this vision. We will look in-depth at the four components including application management, cross platform management, how to build a cloud on your terms and create a foundation for the future of your organization. As well as discussing the benefits and drivers to adopting cloud technologies, we will explore the barriers to adoption as well," Microsoft stated.

The video below provides an overview of Microsoft Private Cloud:

Microsoft Private Cloud Overview:

System Center 2012 - Microsoft Private Cloud

This module explains how enterprise data centers are evolving toward highly virtualized infrastructures, and how System Center 2012 gives you a set of tools to provision infrastructure resources and manages your physical and virtual environment.

This module specifically will show how to use System Center to provision a private cloud, and explain how System Center 2012 gives you a set of tools to configure and deploy infrastructure components including compute, storage, network, and cluster resources; enabling you to deliver IT as a service.

Microsoft Private Cloud Infrastructure - Overview:

This module will explain how applications are deployed and managed in the Microsoft private cloud. Microsoft explain the process of enterprise application management, and how the new capabilities in System Center 2012 can be used to deploy applications as services with automation. The lifecycle between the deployment and operation of applications will be explained, along with how System Center 2012 components enable these new approaches in application provisioning.

You'll learn how to use the new tools in System Center 2012 to manage the underlying resources of an application using the service template model, and how to delegate control and access to those templates.

Further, Microsoft show you how to achieve predictable application service delivery, and show how to keep your applications running healthy by improving the performance and monitoring of them with the System Center product.

Microsoft Private Cloud Application - Overview:

In this module, Microsoft discuss its approach to the private cloud, and provide an overview of the key System Center components that are a part of this vision. Each of the System Center 2012 components will be introduced and we will discuss how each will help you drive higher value from your existing IT assets.

What's New in System Center 2012:

Mike Emard talk about "PowerShell Web Access". Awesome secure way to run PowerShell on your systems - from virtually any standards based browser on any device! Built in functionality on Windows Server 2012 using PowerShell V3.