Microsoft Advertising Unveils 'Ad Pano' Windows Ad Format & Prototypes

Cannes Lions 2013, Microsoft Advertising launches a new Windows 8 ad format 'Ad Pano,' as well as five more ad prototypes.

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At the Cannes Lions 2013, Microsoft Advertising announced the availability of a new Windows 8 ad format called Ad Pano, as well as several more ad prototypes, all developed as part of the partnership.

Describing "Ad Pano" ad format, Microsoft exec Jennifer Creegan said "combines the principles of a hero app experience with our award-winning ad technology expertise, and gives advertisers unlimited storytelling potential to customize their ad experience to deliver an interactive, immersive, panoramic ad experience comparable to a magazine fold-out."

"[It's] also the first ad format on available on Windows 8 to offer an optional active anchor ad experience, which comes to life with a series of 15 images that can stimulate video, similar to a flip-book," she added.

In the video below, Microsoft shows Windows 8 in-app ad for All Saints--one of 5 new ad prototypes Microsoft Advertising shared at the Cannes.

The other four were developed in partnership with Mercedes-Benz USA, Vans Shoes, MasterCard and Dell.