Microsoft: Over 75% Businesses Implementing Big Data Solutions within Next 12 Months

Microsoft's five days of digital storytelling of Big Data showcasing big data customers, industry perspectives, Microsoft solutions and more.

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Microsoft in a new series dubbed "Big Data Week"showcases what customers, partners, the industry and Microsoft are doing to bring the power of big data to life.

To learn more, read the feature article "How the Big Data Explosion Is Changing The World," then check out the latest research from Microsoft on how companies are using big data to gain a competitive advantage.

Take a peek at these nuggets of the Global Enterprise Big Data Trends: 2013 survey, where Microsoft conducted a survey of over 280 IT decision-makers.

"62 percent of the people who were polled stated that the businesses they work for store over 100 TB of data and that 32 percent of them believe that amount of data storage will double in the next two to three years."

  • "Although 52% IT department is currently driving most of the demand for big data, 41% customer care, 26% sales, 23% finance and 23% marketing departments are increasingly driving demand.
  • 17% of customers surveyed are in the early stages of researching big data solutions, whereas 13% have fully deployed them; nearly 90% customers surveyed have a dedicated budget for addressing big data.
  • 49% reported that growth in the volume of data is the greatest challenge driving big data solution adoption, followed by having to integrate disparate business intelligence tools (41%) and having tools able to glean the insight (40%)," informs Microsoft.

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Microsoft Global Enterprise Big Data Trends: 2013 InfographicMicrosoft about their Big Data Plans Infographic

Microsoft Big Data Infographic

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