Metro Style Web Browsing in IE10 Windows 8 Release Preview Means "No Compromise"; Windows 8 RTM On July 12th; WHQL-certified GPU Drivers for Release Preview

Microsoft is planning to the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) of Windows 8 on July 12th. The news came soon after, Steven Sinofsky noted, that the company plans to finalize Windows 8 within a two month time frame, so that also confirms plans for a July release - in short confirming the Windows 8 be RTM […]

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IE10 make website interaction fast and fluid

Microsoft is planning to the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) of Windows 8 on July 12th. The news came soon after, Steven Sinofsky noted, that the company plans to finalize Windows 8 within a two month time frame, so that also confirms plans for a July release - in short confirming the Windows 8 be RTM in 2 months time.

According to WZor, citing some 'close sources' Microsoft is planning to RTM Windows 8 by July 12th 2012. Not only that, the OS will also hit shelves on September 30th 2012, two months after the RTM has finished.

With Windows 8 Release Preview now available, those who attempted to install it with NVDIA graphics card installed on their desktops, must have seen the in-compatibility notification of the drives.

Now, a set of WHQL-certified NVIDIA GeForce drivers are set to be released soon will be Windows 8 certified as well.

"The new Windows 8 WHQL-certified GeForce R302 drivers will be available for download early next week from (Note: R302 drivers will be Windows 8 only. Other Windows operating systems will continue to use R300 drivers)," NVIDIA stated in a blog post.

NVIDIA's Windows 8 drivers support all the features in the new Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) v1.2. The drivers also support award-winning NVIDIA 3D Vision and 3DTV Play products, allowing you to play more than 600 games, watch Blu-ray movies and view photos - all in 3D.

In other Windows 8 news, Rob Mauceri, group program manager for Internet Explorer, today details Web browsing in Windows 8 Release Preview with IE10. "With IE10, websites participate in the Metro style experience in Windows 8, including the Start screen, charms, snap, and more. IE10 also provides the best protection from malicious software on the web while providing convenient control over your online privacy," writes Mauceri.

The Metro style browsing experience is a better way to browse on a desktop computer with a big screen, mouse and keyboard, or on a touch-enabled mobile device.

"As people browse more "chromelessly" on their phones, they've become accustomed to a more immersive and less manual browsing experience compared with the desktop. Metro style browsing offers you a full-screen, immersive site experience with every pixel of the screen for your favorite sites. With IE and Windows 8 you can always use the charms to accomplish what you want to do next with a website (e.g. share, print, search…)," he said.

IE10 also offers the same industry leading security, privacy, and reliability features, building on IE9's SmartScreen, XSS filtering, Application Reputation, InPrivate browsing, Tracking Protection, and hang detection and recovery.

"In addition, IE10 makes your security and privacy more convenient with "Enhanced Protected mode" for better isolation of website content in each tab, and new in the Release Preview is one simple setting (on by default) for sending the Do Not Track (DNT) signal to web sites," he said.

"We built IE10's user experience exclusively around all the Metro style design patterns to be fast and fluid for even the most intense everyday browsing. To this end, we added more conveniences like saving images from web pages, "paste and go" for faster navigation, and integrated network diagnostics. We designed the interface and controls to be there when you need them and out of view when you don't. We also designed in the comprehensive functionality that people need for everyday heavy-duty web browsing: great touch keyboard support for forms, integrated spell checking with AutoCorrect, finding text on the page, etc. The user experience follows Metro style patterns and conventions for personality, animations, and command activation, and support for Windows 8 charms, snap, and more."

"IE10 is fast and fluid for the full web, not just the mobile versions of sites. We made IE super responsive to touch, mouse, and keyboard. The Metro style browser delivers on touch browsing, not just browsing on a touch device. You can feel it in the stick-to-your-finger responsiveness of the touch support for panning and zooming, swiping back and forward for page navigation, and double tapping to zoom in and out of content."

"The Release Preview includes improved visual feedback when following links with touch, for higher confidence even when the site isn't coded for touch. Context menus and form controls are optimized for touch, and the browser responds fluidly to device orientation (scaling smoothly to landscape and portrait screen layouts) and "snapping" Windows 8 applications next to it."

"IE10 also improves on the experience of browsing the Web with mouse and keyboard with support for the keyboard shortcuts you expect, and convenient mouse affordances for back and forward navigation. These are also improved in the Release Preview; for example, you can just slam your mouse to the left edge of screen and click on the back button, which is now smaller," explains Mauceri.

"Flip ahead enables you to navigate your favorite sites like you read a magazine by replacing the need to click on links with a more natural forward swipe gesture on touch-centric devices (and forward button with mouse). Imagine flipping through a multi-page New York Times article, through product listings on Amazon or eBay, or quickly catching up on the latest news by flipping through, all by simply swiping forward without hunting for the "Next" link on the page," writes Mauceri.

Here are just some of the improvements to IE10 for fast and fluid browsing:

  • Improved Fast & fluid touch: full independent composition for real web sites (including fixed elements, sub-scrollers, animations, and video)
  • Smoother UI transitions and animations with less flicker on low-end hardware
  • Support for subset of Flash in Metro style IE for top sites for media playback and gaming
  • Support for full-screen HTML5 video, including double-tap zoom to full-screen
  • Improved layout for site selection with "light dismiss" and notation for Favorites and Pinned site
  • Improved browser command bar layout and favicon treatment, with consolidated navigation bar controls
  • Adjust default web page zoom level on high res screens
  • Context menu for "Save Image"
  • Context menu for "Paste and Go"
  • Improved touch visual feedback for following links
  • Support for high-res image for pinned sites tile in start screen
  • Integrated network trouble shooter in Metro style IE
  • Metro style auto-complete drop down
  • Flip ahead for next page navigation (user opt-in)
  • Do Not Track (DNT) setting on by default

Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) in the Windows 8 Release Preview is more fast and fluid, better connected to your applications, and more secure and private