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Google Spreadsheets received an update in the "Named Ranges" feature to let you protect a section when working with other in real-time and that "a collaborator didn't intend to be touched." To get started with Protected Ranges in a shared spreadsheet, highlight the cells you'd like to protect, right-click, and choose Name and protect range […]

A new project listed today on Microsoft involving Kinect and Kinect SDK dubbed "Vehicle for physically challenged," is novel in the sense that it develops a vehicle for physically challenged/disabled people allowing them to travel intra-city and intercity without getting off the wheelchair. "Existing system are modified either to allow the physically disabled to drive […]

VPAID ads are now enabled across MSN, MSNBC, and the Microsoft Advertising Video Network. "VPAID stands for Video Player Ad-Interface Definition is an IAB-standard technology that dramatically enhances storytelling for video advertisers by letting people interact directly with the video ad, instead of just watching it," posted Jennifer Creegan.VPAID not only drives interactivity, but it […]

AARP and Microsoft launched today "AARP Health Record,: a security-enhanced online service designed to help people over 50 manage and improve their health. "This new free tool enables users to enter, store and edit their personal health information in a central location and to share it selectively with caregivers, family members, doctors and other healthcare […]

Microsoft Research has proposed a new approach to users' interaction with devices called "ShakeID," capable of associating touches with a specific user when two people interact with a display at the same time. Thus, it can deliver the appropriate content to each of them, based on the location they touched the screen. Based on the […]

Windows Live SMS alerts, which is live since Microsoft rebranded MSN Alerts back in 2006, will now be discontinued on May 31st, according to an email notification that the company began sending to its users.For those news, "SMS alerts allows you to subscribe to particular contents from various Microsoft's partners, and provides notifications either via […]

Microsoft alongwith the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging, Partners in Care Foundation and St. Barnabas Senior Services unveiled an innovative program called the "Exergamers Wellness Club," which combines technology with exercise, overall health monitoring and evidence-based health education from Partners in Care."Seniors in the program use Kinect for Xbox 360 to make exercise […]

Google doesn't understand the search query, however, it only tries to match the words from the query to bring the results. So, how does Google work? Usually Google returns some very good search results, based on the keywords in the phrase and the sites / pages with significant amount of authority on those words and […]