Mark Your Apps for Inclusion in Google Play for Education

Now mark your new or existing Android app for inclusion in the 'Google Play for Education' platform to reach K-12 educators and students in the US.

Google Play for Education -- a platform enabling developers and content providers to reach K-12 educators and students in the United States is an extension of the Google Play Store for schools, "adding curation, bulk purchasing, and instant distribution to students' Android tablets for educational apps, books and videos."

Google starting on June 24, has begun allowing developers to use the Google Play Developer Console to mark their new or existing apps for inclusion in Google Play for Education. "By marking your app for inclusion now, you will be getting your app into the hands of the schools which are active in the pilots across the country and key influencers in the education technology community," google stated.

Follow this guidelines, and then, upload your new or updated app, mark it for inclusion in Google Play for Education, and publish. You'll then recieve an email when your app has been evaluated-which may take 3-4 weeks.

For more information on Google Play for Education, visit

Google Play for Education

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