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Make Money Online with Amazon as an Amazon Associates Affiliate

Amazon.com Associates is a affiliate marketing program launched in 1996, and has been one of the worlds’ largest affiliate programs. Becoming an Amazon affiliate grants access to best products and services. Amazon has wide variety of categories and each category offer millions of products to choose from, that offers compelling content for your site visitors.

As an Amazon affiliate, you’ve choice to add any/or all: aStore, Omakase™ Links, and Product Previews on you website or blog.

How the Program Works?

  1. To participate in Amazon Associates, you must first join Amazon Affiliate program.
  2. After you’re successfuly regirsted, you gets the access to Associates Central. This is the place where you will build your links, view your traffic and earnings reports.
  3. To make money online with Amazon, all you have to do is to place your specially formatted links on your website, blog, shopping directory, search engine sites, affiliate marketing sites etc.

The basic concept is, you drive internet traffic to Amazon, and make money online up to 10% in referral commissions on all qualifying revenue made through your links.

Compensation Details: Associates has a choice between two compensation plans, the Classic Fee Structure and the Performance Fee Structure.

  • Performance Fee Structure: When you join the program you’re automatically enrolled in Performance Fee Structure. The Performance structure allows to earn higher fees when you generate a sufficient volume of referrals that result in sales at Amazon.com during a month. The higher your referrals, the greater your earnings will be.

    Under the Performance Fee Structure, your referral rate will range from 4% to 10%, and be based on your total number of shipped items from both Amazon and third-party sellers.

  • Classic Fee Structure: This is our fixed-referral-rate plan. You earn a 4% referral fee on items offered by Amazon or by third parties.

Product Linking: Amazon Associates offers a wide variety of products linking widgets: banners, images, text links, search boxes, contextual inline ads, tag cloud etc. Here we’ll discuss the following four widgets, that lets you display products without taking up any extra space on your website or blog.

  • Context Links (Beta): Context Links are a quick and convenient way to add links to your page and help you monetize your content without occupying extra space on your website / blog. Context Links automatically identify and link relevant phrases within your page content to Amazon products.

    Usage: You can configure options in the associate central to customize how Context Links will appear (as pop-ups or traditional links) and how they will perform. Then simply copy the code before (</body>HTML code into your template). Context Links will do the rest.

    Note: If you’re interested in Context Links, you must read the following two post about Kontera, the leading ContentLink In-Text advertisers.

    Recommended posts:

    1. Make Money Online with Kontera In-Text Advertising
    2. Monetizing – Make Money Online with Kontera ContentLink “$25 Bonus Offer”
    3. Make Money Online with ZinText + eBay = Contextual Affiliate
  • Quick Linker Widget: With this widget, you can quickly and easily link to relevant Amazon.com products as you write your blog posts or update your page content by including custom HTML tags as you type. Your Quick Links will have your Associates ID automatically included.

    The Quick Linker widget does not have a display – it just helps you create links in your page content.

    Usage: You can configure options in the associate central to customize how, then simply copy the code either in the post or add once into your template. 

    Once the code is added, you can simply use any of the following method to link products in your posts.

    • <a type=”amzn” >Harry Potter</a>
      • Links to Amazon.com search results page for “Harry Potter”.
    • <a type=”amzn” search=”Harry Potter”>My favorite hero</a>
      • The link reads “My favorite hero” and points to a search results page for the phrase”Harry Potter”.
    • <a type=”amzn” search=”Harry Potter” category=”books”>My favorite hero</a>
    • <a type=”amzn” asin=”B000012345″>I love this item</a>
      • The link reads “I love this item” and links directly to the specific Amazon product with Amazon id (ASIN) “B000012345”
  • Product Previews: Product Previews are a portal into Amazon.com – directly on your Web site. When users hover over a preview-enhanced link, either a text link or image link, a small window appears containing valuable content and information about the product you’re advertising.
  • Product Cloud Widget: The Product Cloud widget shows clusters of product titles that are relevant to your page. The font size of the title in the cloud indicates how relevant the product is to your page – the larger the title, the more closely the product should match the topics on your page. Hovering your mouse over any of the titles will reveal more information about the product. This widget is ideal for sites with changing content such as blog pages. It will keep up with your changing page by automatically showing new titles as your page evolves.

    To make a Product Cloud widget, simply select whether the widget should select products from the entire Amazon catalog, or only show products from a single Amazon product category. Then configure how you want the widget to look and add it to your page. The first time you install this widget, it may take a few minutes before the widget is displaying relevant titles for your page while our system analyses your page.

How much you may earn? Well, it all depends on few factors: your blog traffic, contents, your marketing abilities etc.  Recently, I’ve read two posts about being an Amazon affiliate.

The first post comes from John Chow “Why I Am Not An Amazon.com Affiliate”.

Amazon.com offers a base commission of 4% on sales and the average book cost $15.00. I would need to sell a lot of books to make any money at those rates. When I’m on the lookout for an affiliate program, the first thing I look for is the payout. Four percent of sale and a $100 minimum to receive a check would mean I need to sell 167 book at $15.00 before I can get a check (its $10 if you choose direct deposit).

The second post is of Darren Rowse, who wrote his Post after reading John Chows above post. Darren might be making more money from Amazon, he stats:

I use it and this month it’ll earn me over $2500 USD – not my biggest income stream, but not the ‘pennies and dimes’ that some say it has the potential to earn.

….but that extra $2500 can go towards anything you want! Also, having multiple sources of income is great, just combine $2500 with all of his other income streams and you have a good source of passive income. He reasons:

  1. Amazon is a trusted Brand
  2. Commissions
  3. People Buy More than One Item
  4. Easily Integrated
  5. Payment Options
  6. Small Payments Add Up
  7. Its an Investment that Measures Over Time
  8. The Holidays are a Boom Time
  9. Wide Array of Products

I’ve referenced these two posts, not to encourage or discourage anybody, but to help you make the best choice. All you’ve to do is, take the best points from both of the posts and then make your decision.

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