macOS Sierra New Most Convenient and Feature Riched Apple Desktop OS

Meet Apple's most intelligent and accessible desktop operating system yet macOS, brings alongwith Picture in Picture, Photos, Universal Clipboard, Auto Unlock and Auto Pay.

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macOS Sierra 10.12, a free update to Apple's desktop operating system brings Siri to the Mac with intelligent and helpful features users already been using on their iPhone and iPad.

In addition, other new features like Universal Clipboard, iCloud Desktop and Documents, Auto Unlock are available today.

Additionally, "Apple Pay" in the macOS Sierra making the online shopping experience in Safari more convenient and secure. With that, shoppers by a click of button can checkout on nearly 300K participating websites. The purchase can then be completed with Touch ID on iPhone 6 (or later) or with Apple Watch.

Also, Photos gets an update as well with a new Memories feature that automatically creates curated collections of your favorite and forgotten photos and videos. With advanced computer vision tech, Photos identify faces, objects and scenes in the images, "so photos can be searched by who and what is in them," explains apple.

With Siri on the Mac, users can send messages, email, find documents & information, search photo library, and also can adjust system preferences. Additonally, you can "drag & drop" Siri results into documents or pin them into "Today view."

Universal Clipboard help copy and paste content between Apple devices. And, iCloud Desktop and Documents allow users to access files on their Desktop from iPhone and iPad. While "Auto Unlock" lets users automatically log into their Mac with Apple Watch.

Messages now allowing users to preview web links and play video clips within the app. And, by using a "Tapback" like a heart, thumbs up, or directly onto a message bubble, you can reply messages. Additonally, sending bigger emoji is possible now.

macOS Sierra New Apple Desktop OS

Tabs available across Mac apps now support multiple windows, including Maps, Mail, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TextEdit, and even third-party apps. And, "Picture in Picture" now floats video from Safari or iTunes into a adjustable window on the desktop.

While Optimized Storage frees up space by helping users remove apps and files they no longer need. Using "Music in iTunes", you can easily discover new music and browse exclusives and new releases.

There's even a new Apple File System (APFS) that, will improve backups, storage efficiency, security, and more.

Furthermore, Apple has done again a rebranding of its deskop operating system now calling it as "macOS."

Initially, Apple used "Mac OS" as a to call the dekstop OS. Then it the branding change happened with Apple calling the NeXT iterations as "OS X". Now, with version 10.12 onwards, with another round of rebranding, "macOS" has debuted.

macOS Sierra supports, all Macs introduced since late 2009, is available from the Mac App Store.

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