New MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with Ivy Bridge; App Store Now has 400M Accounts

New MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with Ivy Bridge; App Store Now has 400M Accounts, 650K Apps, Operates in 120 Countries; Mountain Lion, Retina Macs, iOS 6 and More!

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New Retina Display MacBook Pro Announced

Apple's 23rd WWDC kicks off…with Siri making fun of Samsung, Android codenames (Jelly Bean/ICS). Garageband for iPad making a love song. Siri says my emotions haven't been coded yet.

CEO, Tim Cook revealed that Apple now has 400 million App Store accounts with credit cards and one click buying. "650K apps on the App Store. 225K apps built specifically to the iPad."

App Store operates in 120 countries around the world. And, later this month, Apple will be adding 30 more countries to the App Store, bringing the total to 155 App Store. I now has 30 billion app downloads, and $5 billion payed out to App Store developers.

Video also discussing medical teaching apps. App does 3D rendering. iPad noted as a major breakthrough for medica apps. Especially with higher-resolution Retina Display and better/faster processing. AirBNB app being discussed.

New MacBook Air announced with Intel Ivy Bridge processors up to the 2.0GHz dual core i7, up to 8GB of RAM, and "60% faster graphics" with the Intel HD Graphics 4000.

Ivy Bridge, 8GB RAM, up to 2 GHZ i7. Now up to 512GB! USB 3.0. USB 3.0 ports are the same as USB 2. Ports cover both types of USB. FaceTime HD. Air prices are $100 on some units. Ships today!

Apple unveiled its all new next-generation MacBook Pro dubbed as the "world's highest resolution notebook display."

Phil Schiller described it as a "breakthrough in engineering," at just 4 1/2 lbs and 0.71-inches thick, the new MacBook Pro has a 15.4-inch Retina display that boasts a resolution of 2880 x 1800 and 220 ppi.

Apple noted that the Retina display, while reducing glare by 75 percent, is also benefiting from an updated OS that brings high-resolution content to apps like Safari, iMovie, and iPhoto.

Schiller announced the new MacBook Pro featuring a 1440 x 900 Retina display and a quad-core i7. New options include: Ivy Bridge, 2.7GHZ quad core, 8GB RAM, 60% faster graphics. Kempler graphics from NVIDIA on the 15 inch. USB 3.0 as well.

The new MacBook Pro models. 4/8GB of RAM options. 1199 and 1499 for 13s, 15s 1799 and 2199. New MacBook Pros shipping today well.

Apple also announced new Thunderbolt accessories include Thunderbolt to Firewire 700 and Thunderbolt to Ethernet.

Apple's Craig Federrichi revealed Apple has sold 26 million copies of OS X Lion in just 9 months, making it fastest selling version of OS X.

He also quick noted that it has had better adoption than Windows 7, with over 40% of Mac users currently on the new OS X. Apple also stated that it now has 66 million worldwid.

New Version of Aperture for Retina Dispay MacBook Pro. Final Cut Pro X also being updated. Retina versions of Adobe Photoshop, Diablo 3, Auto Desk coming soon. Apple is working with key developers.

New Safari: fastest browser, improved URL selection, unified search/URL bar. He is also discussing iCloud Tabs. Brand-new Tab View. Gesture swiping between tabs.

Apple also said that Mountain Lion will come with a new dictation feature that works throughout the entire operating system, even in "Microsoft Word." Furthermore, Notification Center has also been given a bit of an update. It now features a new icon and added screen real-estate to make it easier to browse through notifications.

There's also a new feature that matches tabs and bookmarks, called "iCloud Tabs," that will be synced between iOS devices and Macs.

Another new feature called "Tabview" allows you to see the tabs that are present on your iOS devices.

And, new "Power Nap" feature keeps your Macs up-to-date while they're sleeping, by auto refreshing data. The feature works with the new MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros unveiled today.

Scott Forstall, announced that 365 million iOS devices have been sold through March 30th. Here are some numbers:

140 million iMessage users
150 billion messages
815 of apps using Notification Center
iOS 5 is the most installed version of iOS.
130 million Game Center accounts

Forstall also announced that iOS 6 includes 200 new features! A new feature called "Eyes Free" brings deep in-car integration with a long list of automaker partners.

Siri also gets improved restaurant integration. Movie-related questions. "What movies are playing at" a local theater. Watch trailers within Siri. Siri can now launch apps. "Play Temple Run" and it immediately opens.

Apple is also working with car manufacturers to build in Siri buttons into their steering wheels. BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, more have committed to add these buttons within the next 12 months.

Apple said it is also adding new languages English/French (Canada, eh), Spanish (Spain, Mexico, U.S.), Italian, Switzerland, Korean, Mandrain, Cantonese.

Local search is now international. Facebook integration, System wide, tweet about Apps from the App Store. Redesigned iTunes and App Stores! Blue status bar.

New phone features include: Slide up incoming call slider to choose to be reminded to call person back or to text them a reply. Now, there is a list of pre-made replies for you to send messages. You can even add customs. Remind me later. Do Not Disturb switch is in settings!

Bluetooth toggle is also now more visible in settings. Fine gran controls in Do Not Disturb. Choose which phone calls that can come in while you are sleeping.

FaceTime Over Cellular in iOS 6. Phone number and Apple ID merging… people can FaceTime your phone number and it will come to your iPad. Same story with iMessage. Works across Macs and iOS devices. iCloud Tabs and Offline Reading list is in.

There will be an easier way to input Mandarin text, a new Chinese dictionary plus an integration for the Baidu search engine in the Safari browser. On top of that there will be easy sharing into Sina Weibo, a popular social network in China that's like a mix of Facebook and Twitter, and the two main video destinations Tudou and Youku. Tencent's QQ platform also gets a little bit of love too.

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New Smart Case for iPad

Apple also launched a new Smart Case for the latest iPad, that now covers the iPad's vulnerable rear end.

While the magnet-laden front flap remains largely the same, the iPad's back is now covered in a thin sheet of polyurethane -- it's apparently thin enough to keep the entire package from feeling too bulky, but thick enough to handle being laser engraved should you go that route.

Also, the new Smart Case now comes in six colors (light and dark gray, blue, green, pink, and red specifically).