Location Extensions and Store Visits Measurement Now Available on YouTube & Display ads

Engage omni-channel customers to drive more offline visitors, use now location extensions and store visits measurement across Video, Display, Search and Shopping.

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Helping advertisers to bring more foot traffic, Google has made the location extensions and store visits measurement available to all YouTube advertisers "where eligible."

This year, around 90% of global sales will happen in a physical store.1 To bring more shoppers through the door, businesses need tools to efficiently reach nearby consumers and measure their campaign performance across channels. That's why we introduced store visits measurement back in 2014. Since then, businesses around the world have measured over 7 billion store visits in AdWords.

Announced on Tuesday at Shoptalk Europe, these new ad extensions for TrueView in-stream and bumper ads, will show people watching videos, brands address, directions and business hours in the ad, so advertisers can target their viewers to drive more offline visits and in-store purchases.

Then, store visits measurement, will show how video campaigns drive foot traffic, so you can measure their performance against other online and traditional marketing channels, like television, print and radio ads.

See this example picture of location extension on YouTube:

example location extension on YouTube

Google also now enabling advertisers large and small to reach more nearby customers when they're ready to buy, as well as to get a better understanding of their offline performance across channels, with location extensions and store visits measurement are now fully supported on campaigns on the Google Display Network (GDN).

Google notes, that display ads is succesfully helping all kind of advertiser to drive customers to their physical businesses, including those, usually depends on traditional offline campaigns, like catalog and circular ads.

Lastly, more location extensions powered local ad formats will be launching in next few weeks, so people can find more products at nearby businesses. To this end, the first one coming out is the "affiliate location extensions for display ads," which allow manufacturing brands to show which retail chains sell their products.

An example picutre of affiliate location extension on the GDN showing where Google Pixel is available for purchase:

example affiliate location extension on the GDN

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