Local Guides for Wheels Bound People on Google Maps Launches Across the Globe

Local Guides on Google Maps, helps adding more wheelchair accessibility attributes to the map.

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Local Guides on Google Maps for Wheelchair bound people

Google Maps' Local Guides, a peopl's community who contribute their expertise about places, where more wheelchair accessibility can be added to the map, launches Wednesday.

To make the impact for families with strollers or seniors with walkers, first make sure to turn on Location History on your Google Maps, then visit "Your contributions" tab in the upper-left menu, and tap "Answer questions about a place," and indicate about wheelchair-friendly businesses.

You can also use the brief guide when answering accessibility questions. On Google Maps for Android, you can even seek out places that need this info.

"If each of our tens of millions of Local Guides answers three of these questions every day for two weeks, we can gather nearly two billion answers to help people who rely on this information every day. And wheelchair users aren't the only ones who will benefit. You'll also be making life easier for families with strollers, seniors with walkers, or anyone making plans with a friend who has impaired mobility," writes Google.

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