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Live Search QnA: Latest updates

Live QnA Team has a large post on the latest Live Search QnA updates, here’s the gist of updates from the QnA blog post:

  • You now get 1 QnA point for voting again
  • No more deduction of a point for abuse reports that get overturned
  • NEW feature: Show violations page
    If your content gets removed/moderated you will now be able to see why. After you click “Find out why,” you’ll be taken to a page that shows you your recent issues.
  • NEW link “Latest Questions” has been added to the menu for quick access to the latest questions
  • Question titles expanded to 100 characters in list views so they won’t be cut off anymore
  • Question state graphical icons returned (Open for Answers, Open for Voting, Closed)
  • “Show question” page improved:
    Better use of space, more of the key content towards the top of the page. New interface for easier differentiation between “add answer” & “add comment”. Navigational links at both the top and bottom.
  • Ask question experience has improved by lay out improvements:
    Better use of space, more of the key content “above the fold”, “related questions” module has been moved to the right.
  • NEW: Firefox 3 support for all major functionality on the site

Live Search QnA

Source:→ LiveSide

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