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Live Search for Windows Mobile with Voice Search

Microsoft is extremely active in mobile search business. To learn more or to download CAB file with the program, click here (to all intents and purposes this page should be opened with your Windows Mobile phone):

Known Issues

  • Please uninstall any previous version of Live Search for Mobile.
  • When you start the app, and you may get a message that a new dogfood build is available, with a prompt to download it, please select “No”. Otherwise, your VoiceSearch build will be replaced with a non VoiceSearch dogfood build.
  • The app isn’t signed yet. It’ll be signed for the internal Dogfood release (7/8). Please accept to run the application, by clicking “;Yes”;
  • On first launch of the application, you will be asked if you want to run “;ClientUtilsCEDll.dll”;. You must click “;Yes”;. If you click “;No”;, you must uninstall the LiveSearch, and reinstall it.
  • While you can run VoiceSearch on Pocked PCs, there are a number of known issues, like the ability to tap the x in the upper right hand corner of a window to close the window, or when you get to the alternates screen, only the first word may be highlighted/selected, as opposed to the entire string. We will address any and all PPC specific bugs in time for dogfood (scheduled for 7/8).
  • Bluetooth Audio may or may not work. Your device generally needs to have the Microsoft Bluetooth Audio Stack on it. If it doesn’t, Bluetooth audio will not work. We don’t have a list of devices that support Bluetooth audio, but you can help. If you are using a Bluetooth audio device, please let us know if it does or doesn’t work. Send mail to ls4mvsdf@microsoft.com.
  • TMobile Dash or the HTC Excalibur (same thing) may have accuracy issues. Our testing has shown that this phone has a pretty bad microphone. Bad microphones + speech recognition = low accuracy. We’ve generally found the experience to be usable in relatively quiet environments, but very poor in louder environments (e.g. cafeteria, driving cars, loud open spaces). We want feedback on your experience with recognition accuracy. We are doing a number of things on the server to help us measure accuracy, but first hand reports are super helpful. Send feedback to ls4mvsdf@microsoft.com. Please let us know date and time of the problem.

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