New 'Link Explorer, SEO Reports, Fetch as Bingbot, Canonical Alerts' and More Added to Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing today rolled out update to its Webmaster Tools calling it "Phoenix update," and that includes a new, fresh user experience, a range of new tools including Link Explorer (beta) and SEO Analyzer/SEO Reports (beta). The updates also bring imrpovements to current tools such as Keyword Research Tool (beta), and URL Removal Tool, among others.The […]

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New Bing Webmaster Tools Dashboard

Bing today rolled out update to its Webmaster Tools calling it "Phoenix update," and that includes a new, fresh user experience, a range of new tools including Link Explorer (beta) and SEO Analyzer/SEO Reports (beta).

The updates also bring imrpovements to current tools such as Keyword Research Tool (beta), and URL Removal Tool, among others.

The new look and feel design of Bing Webmaster now allows easier access to data, enhanced discoverability of information and improved account management.

New User Experience and Summary Graphs

The first thing you'll note the cleaner header and improved left-side navigation across the suite. And, profile can also be easily managed from any page using the link at the top.

The central My Sites area in the new interface include top-line data for verified sites that show key statistics and let you customize the date range with the handy date drop downs. It is only availabe, if you've multimple domain, single domain user will not see the page as they'll be directed straight to dashboard page.

The new date range selector allows quick change to any of the data presets, or to a custom range. Below each dataset on the page is a link to more data of that type. In the Sitemap area, you can easily submit a sitemap by simply clicking the button and filling in the URL.

Viewing site's activity data also now easier as Bing now enables a single graph with user-selectable data displayed. You can drag your mouse over any point on the graph to see the hover pop with information from the date you are hovering over.

Bing Webmaster Tools New Summary User Interface

Link Explorer (beta) tool allows exploring links associated with any domain. "Simply enter a URL and the tool will supply a list of known links pointing to the specified destination. The default setting will be to display external links pointed at the specified URL, though this can be switched to show internal links as well," bing explains.

"Users can also change the scope to show links pointed to either a domain, or an individual URL. Other refinements can help you search by anchor text and by keywords found on a page pointing to you," Bing said.

Bing Webmaster Tools: New Link Explorer Beta

Inbound Links reports is only available to verified domains shows up to 20,000 incoming links, and this is also what's available through the API. However, if you export the CSV from the UI, you can download up to one million links.

SEO Reports (beta) will run an SEO report every other week for any domains verified in a account. "Using approximately 15 SEO best practices to scan against, it prepares a report to tell you if you are in or out of compliance with the noted best practices," bing said.

These reports provide aggregated counts of all the issues found, across each of the websites scanned. You can find these reports by periodically logging into your webmaster account. By clicking any link in the list, you see a deeper view of the details for that individual page.

Bing Webmaster Tools: New 15 SEO Reports

New Bing Webmaster Tools SEO Reports

SEO Analyzer (beta) is an on-demand tool which can scan a single page at a time from one of the verified domains and build a report to let you know if the page scanned is in or out of compliance with each best practice.

To use the tool: "enter the URL you want scanned and hit the Analyze button. Results appear on the left hand side of the screen, noting compliance issues and their severity. ON the right, you'll see the webpage appear with icons hovering over the problem spots. Click on a hover button and it'll expand to explain the issue. Click Expand and it'll open to fully explain the issue and why it's an issue. The hover buttons are color coded to match the compliance issues seen on the left. You can also toggle the view of the page through the Page Source and the Original page view, without the compliance issue hover buttons," Bing explains.

Bing Webmaster Tools: New SEO Analyzer Beta

Fetch as Bingbot (beta) allow a webmaster to request Bingbot to crawl a specified page and display the page as the crawler sees it. Similiar to "fetch as Google" you just neet to enter the URL you want crawled, and click the Fetch button. And, you'll see Completed to the right of the URL you requested the crawl for. Clicking on Completed will open a code view lower on the page showing the code we found when we crawled the URL.

Bing Webmaster Tools: Fetch as Bing

Canonical Alerts can help protect you should you make a mistake implementing canonicals.

Bing also introduce updates to exisiting features include:

URL Removal Tool allows webmasters to quickly block a page from appearing in a Bing SERP -- the main change is that the "block applied will now expire in 90 days."

"Within that 90 days, we'll have recrawled the website several times, seen the 404 code on the old URL and naturally let it fall from the index. Eight days prior to the block expiring, we'll email the webmaster (at the email provided in their account) to alert them and give them the option to renew the block for another 90 days," bing explained.

Bing Webmaster Tools: URL Removal Tool

Keyword Research Tool (beta) now expanded to allow multiple entries which will all run at the same time, helping to speed up your keyword research projects. Also, the tool will now allow the selection of multiple countries under a common language - this means you can now perform research for the US, Canada and the UK under, for example, English.

A quick hover over the currency symbol brings up cost per click data from adCenter, as before, allowing you to understand costs associated with purchasing paid ads on the phrase.

Bing Webmaster Tools: keyword Research Beta

Keyword Research in Bing Webmaster Tools

URL Normalization now sports a simplified interface. A quick hover over the +More in the Suggested space will show you a drop down with even more URL parameters we're suggesting for your site.