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Link Buying and Link Development

Although a SEO know buying links means buying some degree of placement on search engines, and Google is the main target. So instead of trying to link bomb for money keywords, try to hit longtail search traffic, which may bring in much more targeted traffic – traffic either more likely to join a community or subscribe to a blog feed, or else click out via paid ads.

Now, here’s the strategy:

1. Search for related topic sites
2. Prioritise the ability to place links with description text
3. Prefer homepage links over sitewides
4. Prioritise links on older and more established sites
5. Avoid sites/pages of PR5+
6. Hit a larger number of PR3-PR4 sites

here’s type of links to avoid:

1. High PR – too above the radar, I want the softly softly catchee monkey approach
2. Sites advertising link sales – an invitation to get caught with your pants down
3. Sites linking to anyone who’ll buy a link – pills, porn, casinos – you know the score
4. Sites recently bought from a drop or deletion – plenty of cheap links here, but they are cheap for a reason
5. Unrelated sites – for obvious reasons

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