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Right on the one month anniversary of the general availability of Windows 8, Microsoft announced that "40 million Windows 8 licenses has been sold to-date."Tami Reller, the Chief Marketing and Financial Officer for Windows at the Credit Suisse Annual Tech Conference on November 27 said, "The journey is just beginning, but I am pleased to […]

A new Windows 8 tv advertisement for the Surface RT, bring the Touch Cover and the kickstand in the spotlight.Microsoft's previous Windows 8 ads focused Windows Start Screen and the Picture Password option.According to a report, Windows Store apps protection has now been cracked, allowing anyone to download paid application at no cost.The cracking tool […]

Windows Store available across devices on all Windows 8 platforms, grow to more than 20,000 apps worldwide, according to latest numbers, "there are now total 20,610 apps available in the Windows Store, with 17,958 of them are offered under a freeware license.""20,610 apps worldwide in the Windows Store (broke 20,000 on Tuesday, I believe). 17,958 […]