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jQuery 1.2.2 Released

On the 2nd birthday of jQuery, the developrs has released a new verison jQuery 1.2.2, which is a bug fix release and more.

I remember doing the first release at BarCamp NYC (combined with the mention of two other projects of mine that fizzled: Feed Pile and Idea Shrub). While I had released a bunch of open source code in the past, this was the first one that I put some serious effort into getting publicity. Luckily it made it onto del.icio.us/popular, digg – and the rest is history.

Amusingly, the entire chain of popularity was due to the fact that I made a troll-y comment on a Prototype blog post (when they announced their new selector feature) and it was discovered and re-blogged by Ben Nolan (creator of the Behaviour library for Prototype). From there it hit the Rails community and was launched onto del.icio.us, digg, etc.

The major changes are:

  • 300% Speed Improvements to $(DOMElement)
  • .ready() Overhaul: Uses Diego Perini’s non-document.write() technique, now wait for CSS to be ready, can now watch for the document ready event via the traditional .bind()
  • .bind(“mouseenter”) / .bind(“mouseleave”)
  • Complex :not()
  • Accepts Headers
  • Event API: jQuery.event.special setup teardown handler

Download: jQuery Minified (15kb) | jQuery Packed (28kb) | jQuery Regular

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