iPhone 5 TV Ads Show Off Hue lighting, Passbook and Other Features [Video]

iPhone 5S may come with built in fingerprint sensor and NFC technology. Early 2005, Apple iPhone developer prototype had ethernet, USB and serial ports. New iPhone 5 TV ads aired.

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Apple's upcoming version of iPhone dubbed iPhone 5S may come with native fingerprint sensor to improve the security of NFC features such as payments, and a Taiwanese chipmaker Chipbond has been approved to offer these components.

However, the technology will come from AuthenTec, a recent Apple aquisition, the chinatimes report.

Foxconn has also reportedly started production on the iPhone 5S and are preparing to ramp up manufacturing.

Also, pictures of an early internal iPhone prototye dating back to 2005 leaked today reveals that the it boasts a rectangular 5x7-inch screen, and two inches thick, a USB port, Ethernet and serial ports.

Ars who obtained the pictures notes that the chip used in the prototype is the older, slower antecedent of the Samsung-made ARM design used in the actual first iPhone, so the partnership was in place long before Apple went into full-scale production.

2005 internal apple iPhone prototype: screen, usb and other ports

Apple iPhone internal prototype 2005: PCB

Meanwhile, Apple has aired two new iPhone 5 television commercials highlighting features such as cooking apps and Passbook in action.

Among the other apps shown off is the Starbucks Passbook-enabled app, a remote control app, MyScript Calculator and the Hue Lighting App which got an SDK earlier today.