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Introducing DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Optimization; How to Create ROI Bid Strategy

Google introduces a new “DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Optimization,” an advanced optimization system that supercharges ad performance to help publishers increases the value of their premium inventory, and boost yield for non-premium inventory.

DFP Optimization is fully integrated with the DFP ad serving platform, and can be easily implemented across all of a publisher’s inventory. After activating DFP Optimization, the system will continually learn, process, and adapt; this happens all without any manual intervention from your ad operations team. The system provides validation for publishers and their clients through a built-in control group that demonstrates the percentage lift for each optimized campaign. With this powerful reporting tool, you and your clients will know the solution is working,” posted DFP team.

In other DoubleClick news, DoubleClick Search highlighted the results of its analysis of the long-term impact of the new ROI algorithms made available for CPA, ERS, and Floodlight tag bid strategies. “The following analysis was performed on CPA bid strategies, but CPA, ERS, and Floodlight bid strategies all use the same model,” informs DS3 team.

“87.5% of bid strategies saw statistically significant improved performance (the remaining 12.5% saw no significant statistical change or fell within the +/- 10% variance interval),” revealed DS3 team. Improved performance is defined as meeting one of the following conditions:

  • “Conversions increased and actual CPA decreased: 46% of the improved bid strategies achieved this. Of these bid strategies:
    • median increase in conversions was 150%.
    • median decrease in CPA was 55%. Note that the conversion increase and CPA reduction happened at the same time to the same bid strategies. In other words, these bid strategies enjoyed both of these improvements.
  • CPA and conversions moved in the same direction, but moved closer to the target: The remaining 54% of improved bid strategies met this goal,” the DS3 team informed.

Here are the steps to create a bid strategy:

  1. In the left nav, under the engine account box, click Bid strategies
  2. Click +New. The panel of properties for the new bid strategy appears
  3. Name your bid strategy, select the engine account, and select the desired type of bid strategy (Target CPA is selected in the above image)
  4. Enter the desired settings for the bid strategy. Learn more about CPA, ERS, and Floodlight tag bidding settings
  5. Include a position range if you want to ensure the keyword never drops below a particular position
  6. Click Save, and then navigate to a page with a list of keywords
  7. Select the keywords you want to add to the bid strategy, click Bid strategy, and select the bid strategy in the panel that appears
  8. Enter a min bid and max bid for the keywords. We recommend entering a wide range (low min and high max) to allow DS to fully optimize your keyword performance
  9. Click Save
  10. After a week or two, check DS reporting to see how your bid strategy is performing.

Check out the Help Center for more information on setting up any type of bid strategy.

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