Instagram Stories Ads Now Available Globally for Businesses

Ads in stories let your business use targeting and reach capabilities that make your ads personally relevant to the people you want to reach.

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In January, Facebook had announced immersive, full screen ads coming to Instagram Stories, now starting on Tuesday, ads are now available around the world for businesses large and small to run ads on Instagram Stories optimized for reach through self-serve on Power Editor, Ads Manager or the Marketing API.

Ads in stories let business use targeting and reach capabilities that make ads personally relevant to reach people. They use same targeting and measurement tools as those run in Feed on Facebook and Instagram.

"Reach optimization enables brands to show their ads to maximum number of people in the audience and control how often they see the ads," wrties facebook. "You can capture audiences who have seen ads in stories and target them on Facebook or Instagram feed."

Facebook notes, that the ads in stories are in test with a few of 30+ global businesses since early this year, and have helped businesses increase in ad recall like for example,

Airbnb ran a series of 15-second video ads in stories campaign, saw a double digit point increase in ad recall. Additionally, the campaign saw a significant lift statistically when people selected Airbnb for travelers to find and book local tours, activities and experiences.

Only 9:16 vertical images and video can be used for ads on stories, to get started with running ads in stories, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Ads Manager
  2. Click Create an Ad
  3. Select the Reach objective
  4. In the Ad Set section, click Placements
  5. Select the Edit Placements, then select the Instagram placement
  6. Click Stories
  7. Follow the rest of the steps to continue building your ad campaign.
  8. When you're ready, click Review Changes to publish your changes

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