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Inside the SoftGrid – Part 3


Besides the elimination of application conflicts, Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization can solve many other support related issues. By running each application inside of its own protected SystemGuard environment, SoftGrid enabled applications remain immune to users inadvertently or intentionally deleting critical files needed by that application to run. Because the SoftGrid enabled applications are running inside of their own SystemGuard environment, a user or a local system administrator will never see any of the application’s files or registry entries if they look at the local resources. This can effectively reduce the number of Help Desk calls an organization requires. And because the application never actually install itself, you don’t have to worry about the user who has tainted their system with who knows what software that will impede the installation of business applications.

License Control

Another issue facing the support personnel inside an enterprise is the concern surrounding licensing. SoftGrid enables organizations to control the number of users who can gain access to SoftGrid enabled applications concurrently. This licensing feature is administered centrally from the sole administrative utility for SoftGrid, the SoftGrid Management Console (SGMC).

The SGMC has several reports available by default that query against the Data Store. One such report is the Licensing report that, if configured properly, can display a graph of the number of licenses consumed on average, total and daily for any given SoftGrid enabled application.

Go Deep

Every time a user launches an application that has had the licensing feature enabled through the SGMC, that launch will create a record in the SQL Data Store indicating that the license is in use. On shutdown of the application, that record will be removed from the SQL Data Store allowing a different user access to the application in question.

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