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Microsoft Advertising and IBM has launched "Project Sunblock," a leading online brand protection and verification tool, offering brand safety for its advertising partners. "Project Sunblock minimizes a user's exposure to advertising placements which conflict with their values or endanger their reputation by integrating with a client's existing advertising server platform," informs Leena Shah on Microsoft […]

IBM announced the Windows integration with the IBM mainframe via the zEnterprise System. "As of Dec. 16, this new technology enabling IBM zEnterprise System users to integrate Windows applications into the mainframe environment will become available," announced IBM.The company informs, "the new capability allows enterprises with multitier applications--for example, Windows applications connected to mainframe data--to […]

System Center 2012 Orchestrator Integration Pack for VMware vSphere Beta is an add-on for System Center 2012 Orchestrator that enables you to connect System Center Orchestrator to your VMware vSphere server to automate actions in VMware vSphere to enable full management of the virtualized computing infrastructure."The Integration Pack enables you to connect System Center Orchestrator […]

On Wednesday, October 20, VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet available for personal computers, turned 32."Invented by the Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston, VisiCalc is often considered the application that turned the microcomputer from a hobby for computer enthusiasts into a serious business tool. VisiCalc sold over 700,000 copies in six years.""Conceived by Dan Bricklin, refined by […]

Google has just acquired Zave Networks, a Digital Coupons/Incentives Platform.Terms of the deal are not being disclosed.Launched in 2006, Zave Networks has been working on digitizing coupons and loyalty rewards programs with products like Zavers--which had early success in some of the largest grocery chains in the U.S. And recently the company partnered with IBM, […]

IBM the Big Blue along with four universities and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), have created the basic design of an experimental computer chip that emulates the way the brain processes information, reports Venture Beat.IBM"s so-called cognitive computing chips could one day simulate and emulate the brain"s ability to sense, perceive, interact and […]