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How To Improve? Hackers Shows To Microsoft

What’s the best method to get your employees to be more in touch with what they are doing? Put them in an embarrassing situation. It looks like this has been the tactic chosen by Microsoft to prove to their  employees just how “safe” is the software they’re developing.

But let’s see what happened, according to ZDNet. The company from Redmond has organized an event with the purpose of bringing together both the engineers working at different security systems for Microsoft’s software and their “fierce” enemies, the hackers.

The event, called “Blue Hat”, a clear reference to the widely known online security conference “Black Hat”, has lasted for two days, and in this time both sides have worked together in order to determine which are the best methods to eliminate the vulnerabilities existing in different Microsoft programs. We have to mention that the hackers attending the event were a part of the more “legal” side of this community, being known as “security researchers” at their workplace.

And it looks like they’ve won this contest, managing in only some minutes’ time to “persuade” a laptop running Windows into accessing a malicious wireless network. And then the room went silent. The engineers became nervous, says an observer, because it had already become a personal matter for each and everyone of them.

Fortunately, things didn’t get out of hand, and Microsoft’s officers were quite pleased with the result, since, as Matt Thomlinson, a software security advisor for the engineers from Redmond said, “Things are different when a group of programmers watches their actual code exploited. It kind of hits people in the gut”.

Source:→ Softpedia

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