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How do you integrate WHS and WMC in your home setup?

Ian Dixon over at The Digital Lifestyle running a post today asking how his readers have attempted to integrate their Media Center set ups with Windows Home Server. It’s clear that these are two products which should, in a perfect world, work hand in hand to receive, store and distribute your digital media around the home. But unfortunately, the world’s not perfect, and WHS and MCE struggle to integrate, leading to a lot of frustration amongst users and a growing clamour for Microsoft to integrate the two products more closely in the future.

We thought it may be interesting to run the same debate with MCE and WHS users on both of our blogs at the same time and compare the responses from each side.

From a personal point of view, having been a dyed-in-the-wool MCE beta tester from the first UK release, I now admit to not utilising MCE at all in my home, due to its continuing lack of digital integration with Sky and a pretty shoddy experience with Vista Media Center. I’m hoping to have my faith restored by a future version.

One of the problems with Windows Home Server is that out of the box there is no integration with Media Center. People have tried getting them connected (see this forum thread) but even without going to the lengths in the forum you can still use them together.

Do you store all your music on Windows Home Server and then distribute that to Media Center PCs, laptops and other devices (like ROKU Soundbridges)? Or do you have your content on the main Media Center PC and only use WHS as a backup tool. What about video, where do you like to store your video?

I leave my TV content on my Media Center PC and then archive selected shows to Windows Home Server. My music is all on my Media Center PC but I am thinking about moving it to the server.

So what are your thoughts? Do you not use WHS and use NAS devices or just add extra storage to your Media Center PC?

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