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Hotmail SmartScreen filters “110 million” spams daily

Microsoft reports that using SmartScreen spam filtering technology, “Hotmail filters out 98% of all spam it receives. Spam in the inbox is under 5%, meaning that fewer than 5% of the messages in your inbox are spam.” Here’s the math: “We get about 8 billion messages every day. We deliver about 2.5 billion messages into the inboxes of our customers. That means we’re filtering out about 5.5 billion messages. We know (from measuring after the fact) that about 110 million messages that get delivered are spam. So, that’s a bit less than 5%: 110 million ÷ 2,500 million = 0.044, or less than 5%. We filter out all but 110 million spam messages out of 5.5 billion we receive each day, so that means we’re filtering out 98% of spam:
110 million ÷ 5,500 million = 0.002, or about 2%.”

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